Missouri lawmaker compares woman accused of lying about her race to Caitlyn Jenner

– A Missouri state lawmaker took to Facebook on Friday to equate Spokane NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal, a woman accused of lying about her race, to Caitlin Jenner, a transgender person who recently identified as a woman.

State Rep. Nick Marshall, R-Parkville, said to see the two instances as unlike each other would amount to liberal “hypocrisy.”

“A man ignores he truth, claims he’s a woman, and is lauded as a hero,” he said. “Yet this lady, who dares [sic] claims to be black, is publicly chastised for it,” he said.

In a comment, Marshall further explained his thinking.

“Isn’t Caitlyn Jenner lying and pretending to be female? I think if we want to open this Pandora’s box of people choosing to be something they aren’t, Race identity is only fair,” he wrote. “I used to think the zinger ‘liberalism is a mental disorder’ was hyperbole. Now I’m not so sure.”

Unlike people who identify as a different race, who are thought to be impacted by social and cultural conditions, people who are transgender or gay are thought by scientists to be impacted by their biology, scientists say.

Marshall, who has been outspoken on LGBT issues, was one of a handful of lawmakers who attempted to impeach Gov. Jay Nixon last year over his decision to accept income tax returns from gay couples who were married in other states.

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