Jason Kander announces he’ll challenge Republican U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt

– Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander, a Democrat, said Thursday he will challenge Republican U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt in 2016.

“For years, even with our economy suffering at home and our national security threatened abroad, too many politicians in both political parties have been more concerned with scoring political points than doing what’s right for our country,” said Kander in an announcement video released by his campaign.

Kander, a military veteran who only came to elected office in 2009 (first as a state representative in Kansas City who was first elected statewide in 2012), touted his contrasts with Blunt, a former university president who began his political career in 1972 (making it to Washington first in 1997).

“We can’t change Washington if we don’t change the people we send there,” he said. “I believe it’s time for a new generation of leaders who’ve come of age at a time of unprecedented challenges and threats to our country, and who are committed to bringing people together and doing what’s right no matter what the personal cost.”

Kander noted support from the entire statewide elected slate of Democrats, including Gov. Jay Nixon, Attorney General Chris Koster, state Treasurer Clint Zweifel and Blunt’s Washington counterpart, U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill.

“There is no stronger candidate in Missouri to take on Senator Blunt than Jason Kander. And no one better to fight on behalf of Missouri’s working families,” McCaskill said in a statement.

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