Nixon vetoes law that would ban international law in Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Gov. Jay Nixon visited St. Louis on Monday to veto legislation aimed at banning the implementation of foreign laws in Missouri.

Speaking at the Lutheran Family & Children’s Services center in St. Louis, Nixon said the bill — which bans the consideration of any foreign law — could do harm to those attempting to adopt children from foreign nations.

“This legislation seeks to solve a problem that does not exist, while creating the very real problem of jeopardizing Missouri’s families’ ability to adopt children from foreign countries,” Nixon said. “Here in Missouri, we believe in strengthening families and encouraging adoption. By placing additional barriers between couples who want to adopt and children who need loving homes, Senate Bill 267 is quite simply out of step with these basic values.”

The legislation, Senate Bill 267, passed the House during a late night session with support from 109 Republicans. If the body were to overturn Nixon’s veto, it would require every member to again vote in favor of the measure, a controversial bill modeled after laws in other states established to combat Sharia Law.

Currently, there is no way for a foreign law to apply in Missouri. In fact, there have been minimal instances of Sharia Law being applied in the United States. The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Brian Nieves, said Missouri has been fortunate to not have faced such a situation.

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