Missouri Republican Party embraces Latino outreach program

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri Republicans have signed on to a new effort attempting to reach out to Hispanic Republicans.

In a letter to the Republican National Hispanic Assembly last week, party chairman Ed Martin officially endorsed the group’s newly formed Missouri chapter. The group said they aim to build a base of Hispanic supporters for the party it seeks to refocus on the important voting block.

“We firmly believe that a strong commitment to conservative values and principles are vital to the future of the GOP and that RNHA is committed to these values and principles,” Martin wrote.

The group, which was established in April, will be led by Pedro Sotelo, Kansas City, and Zoe Soto-Gilbert, O’Fallon. The group has already begun scheduling meetings throughout the state, and is using social media to promote GOP candidates.

While Hispanic-Americans make up less than 4 percent of the state’s population according to recent Census data, the voting block has gained sway nationally. The group pointed to successes from their chapters in Florida and Texas that have produced names like Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Kruz.

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