PPP: Nixon leads Kinder 48-34

Gov. Jay Nixon leads his likely opponent, Peter Kinder, by 14 points. (PoliticMo Photo)

– Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, D., received some welcome positive news Wednesday: His new poll numbers.

Nixon is, according to the latest Public Policy Polling survey, the 11th most popular Governor in the country, and would lead his likely Republican challenger, Peter Kinder, by 14 points at 48-34. The survey was conducted last weekend, and doubles Nixon’s lead since the last survey.

“Jay Nixon continues to look like a pretty solid favorite for reelection at this early stage,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling.

Kinder, who has not officially announced his candidacy, took a strong hit over the last month as news developed concerning his use of official money for personal and political travel, in addition to official travel.

“The Republicans simply can’t be happy with their presumptive nominee right now and you’ve got to wonder whether they’re looking elsewhere,” said a senior Missouri Democrat. “Missourians see Jay Nixon as a leader who rises above politics. He balances budgets, keeps taxes low and fights like hell to create jobs.”

Accordingly, Nixon’s approval rating is at 48 percent. Kinder’s favorability is at 24 percent, but 50 percent say they are unsure.

PPP also polled former Governor Matt Blunt and former Congressman Kenny Hulshof (who ran for Governor in 2008) against Nixon. Blunt polled ten points below Nixon, while Hulshof was down 19 percent, similar to the election results of the 2008 election.

Renee Hulshof, Rep. Hulshof’s wife, told PoliticMo her husband is not considering a run. “I find it silly that they even bothered,” she said.

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