Democrats say Blunt hired illegal worker, expedited her proscess

Congressman Roy Blunt speaking to supporters in Springfield, MO. (PoliticMo Photo/Blake James)

(ST. LOUIS, Mo.) The Missouri Democratic Party released documents Tuesday that they say paint Blunt as hiring an illegal immigrant and working to expedite her case during his time as Missouri Secretary of State.

“Blunt clearly states in the letter that dora has done some work for his family, and blunt attaches a letter clearly showing Blunt knew of her status,” said Corey Platt, with the MDP.

In the letter, sent on official state letterhead, Blunt writes to Gene McNary, then Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization, explaining the situation.

“Dora Narvaez has done some work for Roseann [Blunt],” Blunt wrote. He wrote that Roseann Blunt, Blunt’s previous wife, received a letter from Narvaez expressing her “concern regarding her status in the United States.”

A woman who identified herself as “Narvaez” told the Kansas City Star she worked as a housekeeper for the Blunt’s for some time in 1990, but declined further comment.

The MDP alleges Blunt tried to use his political connections to expedite her process in obtaining political asylum.

“He was trying to move it along and grease the wheels,” said Platt.

In his letter, Blunt wrote, “I decided that if the guy you know best at Immigration and Naturalization happens to be the person in charge, that it’s all right to direct your correspondence to him. Anything you can do to provide information and an early resolution of this request would be appreciated.”

The MDP says the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee filed a sunshine request, and has been pouring through the documents for months. The digital file, obtained by PoliticMo, was created in April.

The Blunt campaign told the Associated Press the woman “merely helped at some church events,” and was never actually employed by the Blunts.

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