Republicans blame “Obama-Clinton” agenda for health care premium hikes in Missouri, nationwide

National Republicans have launched an online effort Monday attempting tie increased cost for health care premiums to President Obama’s health care plan, and the Democratic frontrunner who wants to replace him, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

On Monday, ads began appearing on the Twitter and Facebook feeds of swing voters in Missouri linking them to a new website by the Republican National Committee slamming the impact of the 2010 federal health care on costs for health insurance, part of what the party called a “failed,” “Obama-Clinton” agenda.

“Hillary Clinton has fully embraced Obamacare, even as Missourians have lost their doctors, their healthcare options, and are now preparing to see their rates skyrocket. Her support for Obamacare is just another reason voters can’t trust her,” said Fred Brown, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee.

Graphic from the RNC’s campaign.

Pointing to data from the Department of Health and Human Services, the online campaign notes a 19.36 increase in health care costs for the average Missouri consumer – noting that some have been asked for a 33.82 percent more than they had before.

“Hillary Clinton think it’s working,” the ad boasts.

Brown said even with Obama’s name off the ballot, Republicans planned to make “Obamacare” an issue for Clinton in 2016 as they have for Democrats since the law was enacted in 2010.

As Republican presidential candidates spread across early primary states presenting their own cases to voters, the rest of the party’s infrastructure — from the RNC to the Missouri Republican Party — has focused its fire squarely on Clinton, largely ignoring the other two Democratic candidates who have entered the fray.

Clinton has planned a fundraising trip to Missouri later this month, her first visit to the state since launching her campaign in April.

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