Bill to ban superintendents from school boards vetoed by Missouri governor

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A bill passed by Missouri’s Republican-controlled legislature that would have prohibited former school superintendents from running for school board was vetoed Friday by Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon.

The measure, introduced by state Rep. Delus Johnson of St. Joseph, came after the state auditor released a scathing report that alleged abuses of school resources by a superintendent in his district.

“In a democracy, otherwise qualified candidates shouldn’t be banned from serving the public simply because of their expertise,” Nixon said. “Citizens have the right to choose who represents them.”

Nixon said the bill, with its emergency clause attached, would impact seven people currently running for office. Nixon said that voters already have the right to reject a superintendent if they choose.

“You have to trust the voters and the local voters to make the choice who they want on their boards,” he said.

Since legislators are still in session, they could attempt to override Nixon’s veto before they leave for the summer.

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