Sen. Lamping: “Sticking point” in Boeing bill could be lack of offsets

 JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – State Sen. John Lamping, R-St. Louis, did not rule out support for a tax credit package attempting to lure Boeing to Missouri, but said he and like-minded conservatives are wary of a proposal that does not attempt to pay for the expanded program.

“The good thing is we’re not being asked to contemplate something entirely new, but the ask is $150 million in additional incentives in Missouri where we have too many of these programs now,” he told radio host Mark Reardon on KMOX. “If there’s a sticking point, why isn’t there an attempt to try to pay for this?”

Lamping’s remarks came soon after lawmakers received some of the first legislative language from Nixon’s office, just a few hours before lawmakers were set to convene for their special session. The bill was set to be introduced Monday evening in the Senate and is scheduled to be brought up in committee on Tuesday evening.

Nixon’s proposal includes raising the caps on four tax credit programs relating to job creation, infrastructure development, and worker training.