In Grow Missouri ad, Rick Perry says “don’t mess with Missouri”

– Days after his trip to the Show-Me State, Grow Missouri released a web-ad featuring Texas Gov. Rick Perry urging Missourians to call on their lawmakers to vote in favor of an override of Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of income tax legislation, House Bill 253.

“The message across this country is, ‘don’t mess with Missouri, we’re here to create jobs. We’re here to give our citizens an opportunity to proposer. But it is up to you,” he said in a 75-second web spot. “Over the course of the next few days as the legislature makes a decision about whether they’re going to override this veto, they need to hear from you that you understand those concepts of economics that you cut taxes, and the economy will grow.”

Perry was brought to the state on behalf of the Grow Missouri coalition of business and conservative groups, where he appeared at a campaign rally on Thursday night. But Perry also used the trip to run ads critical of Nixon’s veto and urged businesses to consider moving to Texas. The move prompted Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander, a Democrat from Kansas City, to urge Perry to stay home and stop trying to “poach jobs.”

Perry denied the criticism that he was trying to poach jobs, and said he was instead just trying to make sure Missouri was competitive. Speaking in St. Louis, Perry said the state could be part of a new “American renaissance” where states rose up to compete.

Despite the rally and Perry’s visit, it is unclear whether Republicans have the votes to override Nixon’s veto. A small but mighty handful of five to six Republicans have signaled their opposition to the bill, and Jones has said he would need unanimity from his 109 member caucus to override Nixon without the help of Democrats. Lawmakers are set to convene on September 11.