Nixon commercial touts work on natural disasters

– Gov. Jay Nixon released a new television commercial ( on Tuesday portraying himself as the right man for the job when the state is faced with natural disasters.


“Growing up in a small town, I saw how people come together when times are tough. That’s especially true when natural disasters strike,” Nixon said to the camera. “People unite to help one another, that’s what we do.”

He went on to contend that that he has utilized that same spirit when it comes to balancing the state’s budget and not raising taxes.

The 30 second positive spot, which reflects the message Nixon has given on the stump while campaigning this year, comes after Nixon’s campaign has aired three different television spots critical of his Republican rival, Dave Spence.

On the same day, Spence gave reporters tours of Alpha Packaging and Legacy Plastics plants, offering a visual for his message that he is a businessman in a clear effort to counter Nixon’s commercials that had portrayed him as a greedy banker.

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